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Masak makes clothing with philosophy.

‘What does “Masak” want to tell the whole world?’

Surprisingly enough, hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) is a unique traditional garment that has survived for over 2,000 years, which is quite rare in the history of traditional clothing in the world. That something has remained for a long time may mean that it has passed the test of time. Human clothing can be divided roughly into two, that for the warm region and that for the cold region. Korea, a country with perhaps the most distinctive seasonal changes in the world, has developed a unique clothing culture that reflects the both characteristics in harmony.

Hanbok is designed to take human biorhythm, energy circulation, and communication with nature into consideration, which may be based on boundless respect for humans and nature on the one hand and boundless modesty and love on the other.

The “clothing culture” in which nature and humans coexist in harmony and humans and the universe becomes one is the very “living” culture.
And it is where the Western encological view of the world meets the Eastern view of the world.

  • Hanbok retains many elements that could be the intellectual inspiration for the realization of ecological rationality.
  • Masak aims for the aesthetics that reflects an ecological view of the world based on Korean tradition.
  • The vision of Masak is the globalization of tradition in a concrete way.

Masak, a Korea folk company that has grown like a wild flower, now starts its journey to the world.


The Jilkyungyee Where I Know

이후랑 & 최병배 님

질경이 우리옷,
가족이 되어 힐링을 얻다

역사를 전공한 락가수
전범선 님

전범선과 양반들,
그들의 멋스러움을 담아본다

창덕궁 해설사
어인원 님

그 남자가 선택한 우리옷과
역사 지킴이

우주를 그리는
청년화가 엄성원 님

우리옷 입고 우주를 그리는

우리옷이 춤이다
춤꾼 이애주님

춤으로 시대를 관통하는 춤꾼,
우리옷이 춤이 되다


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