Masak is a new-concept cultural company.

That has chosen to be an enterprise with an aim of realizing its costumes cultural goal.

It has promoted the Movement for wearing Korean traditional clothes since 1984. Aiming to revive Korean traditional culture in daily life and create new alternatives to Korean traditional clothes struggling for survival in the West-oriented fashion trend. It has engaged in research on Korean traditional clothing, created a natural dye complex and cultivated crops for experiments on natural dyeing. It has completed the modernization of natural dyeing by teaming up with a research team and now operates “Korean traditional clothing Natrural Dye Research Center”.

Masak is comitted to research on natural fibers and production of natural textile fibers in various patterns, pioneering in a new aesthetic realm. It has participated in a variety of fashion shows in Germany, Paris, and Italy since 1999 and enjoyed its reputation as th creator of “unique clothing with the soul”. It produces a variety of clothing including casual wear (Modernized versions of Korean traditional everyday wear), wedding garments, children’s clothes, naturally dyed clothes, and lounge wear, and various accessories including hats, scarves, bags, belts, accessories, silver ornaments, and shoes.

Based on the system of five cardinal colors, an ecological color system that reflect liberal space and open structur, Masak favors natural materials and tries to sublimates something old to an aesthetic concept. Masak pursues the aesthetic purpose to reflect an ecological view of the world.

Masak attempts to change people’s mode of thinking and behavior,
and, further, the whole world to be even more beautiful,
which is why it wants to create the world’s most beautiful clothes with philosophy.