• 2010. 4
    Participated in Pris Expo, Foire de Paris
  • 2008. 4
    Took part in Paris Expo, Foire de Paris
    Also, participated in L. A. Fashion Week (Business Expo)
  • 2007
    Participated in Paris Expo
    Held Our Clothes exhibit at Galerie Eyetynine in Paris, France
  • 2006. 12
    Held "Masak" Exhibit - Space Peace
  • 2005. 11
    Completed "The Design Development based on Traditional Woodblock Print Pattern" sponsored by CFT (Tne Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • 2004. 5
    Participated in Paris Expo in France
  • 2003. 12
    Participated in Milano Expo in Italy
  • 2000 ~ 2003
    Participated in Pret-a-Porter in Paris, France (sponsored by the fashion industry) (7 times in total)
  • 2000. 11
    Obtained ISO 9001 Certificate (Small and Medium Industry Certification Center)
  • 2000. 6
    Won business women award (by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • 1999~2002
    Participated in CPD in Dusseldorf, Germany - sponsored by Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Seoul City Hall (8 times in total)
  • 1999. 11
    Selected as a member of Korean Women Enterpreneurs Association and Presidential Special Committee for Women and named as successful business by women by Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 1999. 9
    Held School Uniform Fashion Show (sponsored by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation)
  • 1999. 4
    Conducted fieldwork on natural dyeing in China
  • 1999. 2
    Named as venture business (Patent and Technology Development Business) by Small and Medium Business Administration
  • 1998. 11
    Sponsored Fashion Show at the opening of Seoul City Culture and Tourism Product Fair
  • 1998. 9
    Participated in Excellent Product Show by Korea's Small and Medium Companies at 1998 International Trade Fair in China
  • 1998. 8
    Held fashion show by invitation at Unhyun Palace
  • 1998. 7
    Held "Masak" and "Lee Ki-Yeon
    Naturally Dyed clothing fashion show at Folk Museum in Gyeongbok Palace for the first time since its opening
    Held "Masak" fashion show by invitation at the National Folk Museum of Korea
    Held fashion show on the eve of World Youth Taekwondo Festival at Chuncheong University
  • 1998. 5
    Held fashion show during the opening ceremony of "98 Korea Expo" in Los Angeles, U.S., and sponsored the demonstration of Korean taditional wedding ceremony
  • 1998. 4
    Named as "Prospecting Manufacturer of Excellent
    Products related to 2002 World Cup by Small and Medium Business Administration
    Held fashion show during Myeong-dong Festival
  • 1998. 2
    Released "Masak" for wedding ceremony
  • 1998
    Launched: Naturally-dyed New wave clothing - "Lee Ki-Yeon's naturally-dyed clothing"
    Ceremonial clothing of Korean style - "Masak"
    Casual wear - launched - "Ggachi Masak"
  • 1997~1999
    Participated in the "development of high value-added sportswear made with traditional linen fibers" project in partnership with the Korean Aacademy of Industrial Technolohy (KAITECH) on commission by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and held fashion show as a final report
  • 1997. 12
    Listed in Ten Prospecting New Business in 1997 by Hankook Daily Newspaper
  • 1997. 11
    Held opening fashion show at Culture and Tourism Product Fair sponsored by Seoul City
  • 1997
    Established natural dye complex and started growing crops in some 33,057㎡ field (Oweol-li Chuncheon City, Gangweon Province)
    Launched Korean casual wear Rent Project by naming first Saturday of each month "Hanbok Day" and held tour exhibit (20 times in various public offices including the Ministry of Culture and Physical Education, Seoul City Hall, and Gangseo District Office)
  • 1996~1997
    Selected as Tradition-based Technology Development Business (the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
    Completed research on natural dyeing under sponsorship by The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • 1996. 5
    Established ' Jilkyungyee co,. ltd.
    Started selling Masak Our Clothes for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Holiday) at Lotte, Shinsegye, and other well-known depatment stores in Korea
    Established Dure Korean Life and Culture Center
  • 1993. 12
    Opened permanent 'the Movement for wearing Korean traditional clothes' Exhibition Hall in Daehang-no, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • 1984. 7
    Launched costumes business Masak as an affiliate with Korean Life and Culture Research Center
    Launched the 'the Movement for wearing Korean traditional clothes' and started supplying Korean casual wear